Best Time To Get Your Trees Trimmed

When is the best time to get your trees in California trimmed? It largely depends on the trees and the needs of the space. Most trees do best with trimming between the late fall and the early springtime frames.

Trees in California are often fairly hearty, except in the case of drought, and trimming in various seasons is possible. But, trimming at the best possible times can help upkeep or even promote the tree’s health.

The best possible times to trim are the late fall and the early spring. During these times, temperatures are ideal as they’re slightly dropped. During these seasons, trees are often dormant, which makes it better for the tree’s health. During these times, it is less likely that pruning will aggravate an undiagnosed disease.

However, waiting until the tree flowers or even blooms can present a significant detriment to the tree. Pruning too late in the season can result in limited blooming for the year and the following years.

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    Finding a Professional for Trimming at the Right Time of the Year

    Many homeowners choose to hire a tree service for trimming to ensure that it’s done correctly and at the right time of year. Professional tree trimmers and arborists understand the individual needs of trimming different types of trees.

    For example, palm tree trimming is quite a bit different than trimming trees with awide canopy. Just the same, trimming Chinese elm’s is different than a sweetgum. Only those experienced and skilled in tree trimming should approach pruning trees. There are concerns for the tree’s health, when to plan for tree trimming, and safety concerns. During the ideal times to prune a tree, there may be more leaf litter, colder conditions, and less-than-ideal elements that can impact the safety of trimming or pruning.

    Even in the ideal times of the year, you should call a professional. Get professional tree trimmers working on your property and trees with Long Beach Tree Experts! Call for a quote now!

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