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California is no stranger to natural disasters, and even moderately inclement weather can have a severe impact on trees. Emergency tree services include correcting fallen trees, trees that are caught on structures or property in the midst of falling, trees that aren’t able to support their weight any longer, trees impacted during car accidents and trees interfering with utility lines.

Call for emergency trees services as quickly as possible. If a tree is in a dangerous situation, it’s imperative that a certified, licensed arborist work closely with first responders to take immediate corrective action.

Tree techs will often respond to these emergencies to ensure that first responders can access the people they need to get to or are able to take on their jobs safely. Everyday emergencies become part of an arborist's day-to-day work, and each new emergency situation is a reminder of the need for safety.

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What is a Tree Emergency?

Tree emergencies most often include addressing the immediate safety concerns of fallen trees or tree branches. Sometimes these trees are still in the process of falling and are caught or leaning against someone’s property or a public structure. Trees with a lean are unable to hold up the weight of their crown and may have a weak root system that will lead to them tipping over; however, this doesn't happen overnight.

Trees with a lean should have regular maintenance to correct the weight distribution and help promote a healthy root system. When this task is not done, and the tree falls or begins to fall, it almost always results in the full removal of the tree.

In some cases, multi-trunked trees or trees that have open and large canopies can rely on bracing or cabling to remain upright. Emergency tree services don't offer one or two procedures that work for every instance. Instead, the emergency response team must decide what is best for the safety of those involved and act immediately.

Emergency pruning is often the least invasive emergency tree service as it often calls for only the removal of limbs. This emergency tree service often fits within situations where there are other risk factors present such as a car accident or utility line. 

Emergency services can utilize tree trimming, removal, pruning or felling depending on the situation. Because the immediate concern is always on safety, it’s important to contact a skilled and experience professional tree service company for emergency jobs.

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Our Emergency Tree Services for Long Beach California

Although tree removal and tree trimming are both standard parts of tree maintenance, emergency tree services are appropriate when the immediate safety of people in the area is at risk. A fallen tree is a significant risk whether it’s in a park, corporate property or in a home’s yard.

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