Common Types Of Trees In California

From gorgeous purple and blue jacaranda blooms to the shady Chinese Elms, Long Beach takes great pride in having a diverse collection of trees. Long Beach's Public Works Department takes careful action to preserve and protect the city’s trees, including the many street trees and urban forests.

Common trees within Long Beach, CA include:

  • Southern magnolias
  • Queen's palms
  • Jacaranda
  • Brisbane Box
  • Chinese elm
  • American Sweetgum
  • Mexican palms
  • Brazilian pepper
Tree Removal Service Long Beach CA

Avocado Tree Trimming Long Beach CA

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Recent welcome additions within the city include ample Avocado Trees and other fruit trees gracing the front yards of many homes. However, most of these trees can produce leaf litter and require regular trimming

Trimming Palm Trees Long Beach CA

Trimming palm trees and magnolias can help reduce accidents, leaf litter and make the city easier to manage. In Long Beach, tree companies are often called up by homeowners to manage these trees either in their front yards or even the numerous street trees. 

There are over 7,000 Southern Magnolia trees in Long Beach, and they often require maintenance and preservation. They accompany thousands of California native trees such as the Big Leaf Maple, the Box Edler, the Western Redbud, and the California Sycamore. Long Beach has become the State's primary arboretum with an almost endless mixture of trees that create unique spots and scenes all around the city.

It's the arborists in Long Beach; however, that keep our public spaces, neighborhood streets, and yards beautiful and healthy. The many trees of Long Beach require support, maintenance, and occasional checkups.

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