Shrub Trimming Long Beach CA

Many of California's native shrubs and plants require trimming and maintenance. But, there is a right time and approach to trimming different shrubs and plants across Southern California. Right here in Long Beach, you must be careful how you approach your plants or shrugs as they may need more or less maintain that it might initially seem.

Tree companies in Long Beach often handle shrubs, hedges, and typical yard or decorative plant installations as well. As arborists, we at Long Beach Tree Experts understand the needs of various plants, trees, and shrubs. It isn't enough to understand which shrubs and plants need maintenance but the right tools and techniques to use too.

magnolia tree trimming long beach

Bush Trimming Long Beach CA

Maintenance for plants and shrubs often goes far beyond basic pruning. It's often the case that shrubs require pest control measures, while perennials need deadheading. An expert can help you understand what options you have and how different maintenance types, such as shearing or selective pruning, could impact your shrubs. For example, it's recommended to shear Howard McMinn's Manzanita's but not most other types of manzanitas.

Selective pruning to control the size and growth direction is best done by professionals. Usually, this maintenance is done during the cooler months or when overgrowth is apparent. Get more information on how to handle your shrub and plant growth from the experts at Long Beach Tree Experts.