Tree Stump Grinding Long Beach CA

Tree stumps can be extremely problematic, especially if they're near foot traffic or in a yard. After tree removal, homeowners and property owners are often left with a stump. Stump removal is not usually part of the tree removal process because it's not always necessary. Having a tree stump on the property could result in personal injury, but there's also the danger of the stump attracting destructive pests.

Tree stumps are often home to carpenter ants, termites, beetles, and other pests that can do a lot of damage. There are two options when it comes to handling a tree stump: stump grinding and full removal.

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Stump Removal vs. Grinding

Stump grinding involves completely removing the stump of the tree but leaving the root system. Tree experts use a stump grinder to grind up the stump, which results in a sawdust residue. Grinding takes the stump down to the ground either at the soil level or as far as one foot underground.

Stump removal pulls out the root and the stump, which means that there's no possibility for regrowth or sprouting. However, full removal can result in unstable ground. Long Beach tree companies often work with property owners to understand what they're trying to achieve by removing the stump. That can help them determine whether stump removal or stump grinding is the better option.

After any tree removal in Long Beach, make sure that you make arrangements for stump removal in Long Beach as well. It's typically not recommended to leave stumps in the ground for very long after the tree removal process. As soon as the remainder of the tree is gone, the stump begins to Decay and rot. That invites in critters, pests, in addition to being a trip hazard and a general nuisance on your property. Contact Long Beach Tree Experts to talk about stump removal options and make arrangements to get the stuff off your property.

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