Tree Cabling Long Beach CA

Weak and unstable trees pose safety risks and can cause significant property damage. Trees that lean, have weak limbs, dying branches, or double trunks pose a threat. Support systems like tree cabling add stability. Your tree may also be growing horizontally or has a v-shape, known as v crotch stems. Abnormal growing trees will need cabling service. Do not wait and call us for tree cabling services if you notice any of these troubling signs.

Our arborists assess trees for weak spots, check their health, and offer a range of services. After we perform a close examination, we will identify if you need tree cabling services. We service Long Beach, CA, providing tree services. Our professionals can perform tree cabling to improve structural integrity. Tree cabling services inhibit the movement of limbs and branches. Cabling reduces the risk of a tree falling.

Tree cabling connects two or more limbs or trunks across the upper crown. Traditional tree cabling systems use flexible steel cables and bolts. Modern support systems for trees use fabric, rope, and sling attachments. Both tree support systems reduce pressure and improve structure. The newer type of cabling lets trees move more naturally. Our arborists will develop the best solution and system for your tree in Long Beach.

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Tree Bracing Long Beach CA

We offer tree bracing services if you have split limbs or branches in Long Beach, CA. Tree bracing rods provide supplemental support. Our certified arborists use tree bracing to repair or reduce splits in the wood. We can install rigid braces to connect a weak limb or branch to a stronger one.

​Another tree bracing method our arborists perform uses through-rods. Our arborists install a rod through the tree trunk or branches using braces, nuts, and bolts. We can also drill tree limbs, cut a cable, and thread it through the holes. The technique of combining tree bracing and cabling provides the most effective support.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your tree and examine the bark, trunk, limbs, and base. Then, we will determine the best support system to adjust and maintain your tree. Our arborists may be unable to salvage your tree. We can also help remove the tree on your Long Beach property. Our local company also provides tree cutting and removal services.

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Benefits of Tree Cabling Bracing​

We offer different cabling and bracing services for trees across Long Beach, CA. Some benefits of tree cabling bracing include:

Weak trees do not always require removal services, and we may be able to save them. We offer several support systems to stabilize your tree and free consultations. Our arborists will assess the entire tree and discuss options. If we feel we can spare your tree, we may recommend tree bracing or cabling services. These options cost less than tree removal services. Our experts can determine the best support system for your tree.

  • Extends and Preserves Trees:

Bracing and cabling services can extend the lifespan of old or valuable trees. Our arborists can strengthen and preserve beautiful trees with cables and braces. These support systems will prevent further damage to your tree. Cable and bracing services can heal damaged trees and maintain weak ones. We also can stabilize newly planted trees for optimal growth.

  • Protects Your Property and Family:

Tree cabling bracing offers a proactive solution to a potentially hazardous situation. Tree bracing and cabling services stabilize trees to prevent them from falling. Weather can knock trees down and put you in harm's way. We can install a support system to protect your property and family from falling trees.

  • Minimal Maintenance:

Tree cabling and bracing upon completion require minimal maintenance. We recommend having an annual hardware inspection to ensure the tree’s stability. During this service, we will also examine the tree on your Long Beach property. If our certified arborists see any further issues, we will work with you to develop a solution.

Why Choose Us

We have been serving Long Beach, CA, for years and have expert arborists. Our arborists provide tree bracing and cabling services on young or old trees. We perform complete assessments on trees and identify the problematic areas. Tree cabling and bracing services may give you a viable option to save a tree on your property. Installing tree support systems also offer protection. We also provide yearly inspections on tree bracing hardware to Long Beach, CA. Our local tree service company can give you options and help you decide on the best system. We have fully licensed and insured arborists with years of training and experience. We provide exception tree cabling and bracing services. Our tree technicians use high-quality materials and install different types of support systems.

If you have a problematic tree on your Long Beach property, do not hesitate and contact us today. We will schedule a consultation, and our arborists will assess your tree. We will work with you to determine if tree bracing and cabling services offer a solution. Our tree company also provides other services to solve any problems you have. Call us or submit the online request form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to servicing your trees in Long Beach, CA.