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With years of experience and well-developed expertise in tree removal, you can always count on Long Beach Tree Experts. Our staff can help you assess whether the tree needs removal and how to approach the job. But, what are the warning signs that could indicate you need to remove the tree entirely?

Tree removal is a complicated process. If a tree is dead, diseased, dying, or its placement is dangerous, those are the times when tree removal is necessary. Dead or dying trees could fall and pose a safety hazard to everyone in the area. Additionally, diseased trees May spread their diseases to other trees in the area if they're not removed.  Finally, some trees pose safety risks because of being too close to utility lines.

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Signs that you need a tree removal include:

  • Pest infestation, including ants and beetles
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Deep cracks in the tree itself
  • Cracks or holes in the bark
  • Dead branches
  • Abnormal leaf coloring
  • Heavy leaning
  • Risky structure (unevenly dispersed limbs)

​Approaching a tree removal job requires that an expert for tree removal services evaluate the size of the tree, equipment needs, safety or risk elements, and the location. No tree is too big for Long Beach Tree Experts. We work with Tall Tree Removal frequently and ensure that we approach every project with safety in mind. That means we're worried about the safety on the job when we were working on the tree and the safety of the ground conditions after the tree is removed.

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Does Tree Removal Include Stump Removal?

Removal service for trees in Long Beach usually don't involve stump removal, because it's not always necessary. It is possible to fully remove or grind the stump. But you'll have to speak with a Long Beach tree expert to determine which option is right for you.  You want to consider handling the stump quickly after the tree removal process because it can easily become a home for pets that can cause serious damage such as carpenter ants and termites.