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Homeowners and property owners occasionally have to decide to remove a tree from their property. However, it’s not as simple as it seems at first, these large fixtures on a property can be dangerous to remove and can require extensive planning as part of the removal process. Always call the pros for tree removal!

Always hire a professional tree removal service. Long Beach Tree Experts use only the best equipment and tools to fell and remove trees as well as stumps safely. Over the years Long Beach Tree Experts has removed countless trees, but that doesn't mean that any one tree is the same. With a focus on safety, each tree removal focuses on using the most recent advancements in the industry and implementing new practices. 

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Expert Tree Removal Service Long Beach

Tree removal will often take place in steps, and those steps will depend on the method of tree removal that the arborist believes is right for the situation. Factors to consider during a tree removal include the species of tree, size of the tree, space to work with on the property and other safety concerns regarding any nearby property.

From tree felling, removal by crane and even groundwork, tree removal services are never the same. Each job requires a unique approach, and Long Beach Tree Experts has been around long enough to find the nuances of each tree removal and plan the removal efficiently and effectively.

The most common method of tree removal is cutting the tree into sections and lowering it to the ground. Long Beach Tree Experts hosts a team of certified climbers that know how to work safely through the removal process. The team will first evaluate the tree and set out a strategy to dismantle the tree and bring it down to the ground.

During the cutting and lowering process, the climber will use rigging to work within the tree while the remaining team members will rely on other equipment to guide limbs down.

Tree removal is a complicated process that can quickly become dangerous. Always work with professional tree removal services. Call us if you're searching for "tree cutting service near me".

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Tree Removal Company Long Beach CA

Felling the tree is the simplest process of getting a tree to the ground. Initially, an arborist will estimate the height of the tree then the cutter will ensure there is enough space to bring the tree down. Afterward, if there is enough space, the arborist will evaluate the tree to identify which way it would most gracefully fall, this includes looking for any asymmetry and identifying defects such as rot.

The process of felling is complete when the cutter notches the tree and team guides the tree to the ground. Although this is the simplest process, it requires a full team, top equipment, and thorough planning.

Palm Tree Removal Long Beach CA

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Palm trees scream California, especially among the beach cities, but there are many reasons that homeowners want a palm tree removed from their property. A palm tree, however, may or may not have access to the same types of removal as another tree.

The most common method for palm tree removal is still the cut and lower method, however, there are many instances where a palm tree must be carefully roped down because of their teeth. An arborist will have to inspect the tree to identify the surrounding structures and determine what method of palm tree removal is appropriate.