Tree Trimming Long Beach CA

Although the basics of tree trimming or pruning might seem like common sense, only licensed and certified arborists are ready to take on these tasks. Homeowners beware, tree trimming is not a do-it-yourself weekend project. Call in the professionals of Long Beach Tree Experts to ensure that your trees and property are safe. ​

tree pruning Long Beach ca

Tree Pruning Long Beach CA

Tree trimming occurs for many reasons including the aesthetic appeal of a tree, the overall health or wellness, a preventative measure in pest control or even to help the tree withstand the weather.

Aesthetics play a significant role in tree trimming, as trees contribute to a substantial amount of curb appeal for homeowners. While a homeowner should never attempt to force trees into irregular shapes, or unconventional sizes, it's not uncommon to use trimming to create a more visually appealing tree.

The overall health of the tree is usually best when driven through preventative measures including trimming. Branches that cross each other or rub together can eventually lead to weak or dead branches that could fall unexpectedly. A tree with an overly dense crown or restricted air flow can experience similar issues.

Finally, safety is a major concern for every arborist. Long Beach Tree Experts hosts a team of certified climbers that know how to interact and climb trees safely during the trimming process. But safety is also often the cause for trimming as a tree which obstructs a sign or is growing too close to a powerline can be dangerous.

Trimming trees should always be done by a professional. Long Beach Tree Experts uses a staff of highly trained arborists to ensure that only the absolute necessary is trimmed from the tree to achieve the desired result.

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Tree Cutting Service Long Beach CA

It’s important to understand what time of year as well as the technique used in cutting a tree can affect its health and stability. With few exceptions, a tree should always be cut, pruned, or trimmed during its dormant season. Other factors to consider is how to approach branches that are weak, have narrow angles and even the size of the branch. 

Tree cutting is not an easy task, and a lot of planning must coincide with this job before the first cut. Always call a professional from a licensed and insured tree services company. Long Beach Tree Experts holds all the necessary licensing, and insurance while working with an in-depth knowledge of trees. 

Tree Pruning Long Beach CA

Pruning a tree is the best way to ensure not only the stability of the tree but also the safety of everyone near the property. Trees with overly dense crowns can become a hazard during storms, and trees with low crowns can block city signage. 

Pruning can thin the crown making the tree more likely to survive storms and become more stable over the years to come. Pruning can also raise the crown encouraging a stronger stem. 

Unfortunately, improperly pruning a tree can aggravate the issues that were of immediate concern. Improperly pruning can cause crowns to be more hazardous and reduce tree stability or stem strength. Instead, call the professionals. Long Beach Tree Experts handles pruning, cutting and trimming quickly, easily and safely.

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For the most part, palm trees do not need constant pruning and trimming if they’re living in the correct environment. The majority of palm trees are pretty resistant to drought and well suited to hot climates. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to get your palm trees trimmed, however! Trimming is still a vital part of keeping your palm trees healthy and robust.

Once you notice the oldest fronds have turned dry and brown, that’s the time your palm trees need a good trimming. New fronds are formed each year as the palm tree grows and the old ones die off. Because of this, trimming is only needed about twice a year. With palm trees, it’s important to trim only the fronds that are dead. Any “proactive” trimming might lead to your palm trees growing malnourished.

Our specialists are well-drilling in exactly how to prune palm trees for maximum effect. They know just how to take down those old fronds while sparing the base of the tree from any damage.

The biggest downside to not trimming your palm trees are the stray, dry fronds that can build up and be a real nuisance to your property. Not only are they bothersome, but since they’re so dry they can also be a fire hazard.

We are ready and available for all your palm tree trimming needs. Give us a call today and get us to come down to your property and give you an estimate completely free of charge!