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Our Long Beach Tree Service takes great pride in servicing the community with the goal of providing a safer and livelier atmosphere with healthier trees. Long Beach is the dream for many homeowners with pleasant weather, the beach, and of course the plentiful trees, and we can confidently say that we've got the best tree trimming Long Beach has to offer.

We offer both residential and commercial property services through Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We take on any job big or small, with an unmatched standard in safety. Our services include tree trimming, pruning, clearing, stump removal, stump grinding and even emergency tree services.

Tree Service in Long Beach, CA

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Trees bring life into nearly any environment, but there are times when they require regular maintenance, and there are cases when they become a hazard. In situations where you need standard tree maintenance such as trimming, or have an emergency such as a fallen tree, call Long Beach Tree Experts. This region in Long Beach, California is beautiful and bountiful with trees. From palm trees to Jacarandas, Long Beach Tree Experts is here providing a variety of services. We offer pruning, trimming, removal, hedge care, clearing, and even emergency tree services.

For any tree need in Long Beach, CA homeowners or property owners need to call professional tree experts. With proper training, certification, and the right tools and equipment are critical for any form of tree care. Whether the tree care needed is simple pruning or complete removal, call a professional.

Long Beach Tree Experts always puts the top priority on safety while working to ensure the health of the tree. Providing a huge range of tree services to Long Beach and the surrounding areas, Our team of Long Beach Tree Experts strives to set a higher standard in promoting tree growth and health.

Why Trim or Prune Trees?

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When To Have Your Trees Trimmed

Although many homeowners like to take on the task of trimming the trees on their property themselves, it’s often unsafe and can harm the health of your tree as well. Trimming should always be done when the tree is dormant, and careful planning must go into deciding which branches can come off, and where they should end.

Dormant Season

Yes, you can technically trim trees any time of the year, but there are some severe consequences of doing so. Instead, only trim during the trees dormant season, so it has the best chance to recover from the loss of limb.

Identifying Branches to Trim

When you look at your trees and see weak, narrow-angled, or V-shaped branch connections, then it's time to have your tree trimmed. The lateral branches should have an angle that's roughly half to three-quarters of the diameter of the stump where it meets the branch.

In other words, if your branch looks to be significantly hefty for the angle, it probably needs some help.

Leaning Trees

Leaning trees need immediate help because without trimming it’s likely that they could quickly become a dangerous risk. Although pruning during a tree’s younger years can help guide them to grow straight and full, a leaning tree can benefit from a similar treatment.

Always call a professional tree trimmer as they can help guide your tree in the right direction and safely trim away the problematic branches.

Safety Concerns

Aside from leaning trees, there are other safety concerns such as rot and disease. If you notice the tell-tale signs of rot or disease, you should call a Long Beach Tree Experts immediately.

Long Beach Tree Experts can help diagnose the illness of your tree and whether or not it poses a health risk to your other trees or plants. 

For signs of rot or disease that could become safety concerns watch out for:

  • Caverns or hollows in the trunk of the tree
  • ​Dead branches
  • Insect infestation
  • Exposed or lifted roots
  • Leaning
  • Crossed or rubbing branches

These things all play a role in identifying the general tree health. Trimming trees is dangerous, and only professionals should interfere with trees natural growth pattern. Any of the above signs indicate that you need the help of a certified arborist.

Great team, very professional. did a nice clean job trimming all the trees on my property! will definitely be using them again, thanks guys!

Corinne L.

Best service for tree cutting and trimming you’ll find in Long Beach for the price! They removed a palm tree from our yard and they cleaned up before they left.

Katherine T.

Top Notch service. They did a great job trimming a palm in my yard. My yard is heavily landscaped and he left it the way he found it. I am a customer for life with this type of service!

Rick P.

Service Areas

We service Long Beach, CA as well as the following areas: 

Signal HillLakewoodBellflower, Seal Beach, Cerritos, Carson, West Carson, Lomita, San Pedro, Wilmington, Los Alamitos, Torrance, Rossmoor, Compton, Paramount, Artesia, Cypress, San Pedro, Stanton, Gardena, Norwalk, Buena Park, and many more neighborhoods. 

We service the following CA zip codes as well: 90713, 90731, 90740, 90745, 90746, 90747, 90749, 90755, 90801, 90802, 90803, 90804, 90805, 90806, 90807, 90808, 90809, 90810, 90813, 90814, 90815, 90822, 90831

Palm Tree Removal

Do you have a palm trees on your property that need removing? Palm trees are one of the types of tree we specialize in removing here at Long Beach Tree Experts. Removing trees is a time consuming and tedious task to have to complete on your own, and palm trees are especially difficult to remove since you’d have to take them out directly by the roots. Palm trees have a very complex and stubborn root system that spreads itself far and wide with knotted tendrils, making them particularly difficult to remove for any regular home owner. The proper equipment and know-how is essential to being able to swiftly and efficiently remove your palm trees without any trouble and in complete safety.

It’s particularly important for you to hire a specialist to remove your palm trees if you have a bug infestation in your palm trees, or the trees are rotten or dying. Dying trees can be unpredictable, and fall apart in places you wouldn’t expect, putting the people around in immediate danger. Releasing bugs out of the trees could cause them to infest your house and the rest of your property.

Lucky for you, at Long Beach Tree Experts we have some of the best equipment and teams for palm tree removal in the area. Our palm tree removal specialists are on call and ready to take care of your palm tree removal needs today!

 Types of palm trees in Long Beach, CA

  • Queen palm
  • California fan palm
  • King palm
  • Pygmy Date Palm
  • Pindo Palm
  • Kentia Palms
  • Mediterranean Fan Palms
  • Kentia Palm

Queen Palm Removal Experts

The queen palm tree is a large tree as far as palm trees are concerned. A queen palm can reach 50 feet tall and their canopy can get to 25 feet wide. A queen palm tree is a very heavy and dense tree. The weight of this type of tree is something that needs to be considered when removing a queen palm tree, since it can easily damage your house or nearby structures. 

Any homeowner considering removing a queen palm on their property must always call for a professional tree service tree company that can provide a safe and efficient removal service. A good tree company will have the proper equipment and experience for this type of removal, and by hiring the experts the homeowner will save on both time and possible damage.

There are several steps taken in removing a large palm tree. The process involves cutting it in sections down from the top and working down due to its weight and size. After the majority of the trunk is cut down, then the root-ball needs to be removed as well. Queen palm tree root systems are typically as wide as its canopy. In some cases, heavy machinery will have to be brought in to remove a large palm tree stump. The whole process can take a few hours when done properly. ​

Tree Trimming Long Beach

Many homeowners will go years without thinking of calling a tree service company. However, trees may need regular maintenance. Tree trimming services provide the opportunity for an arborist to assess the health of the tree and make trimming decisions that will cultivate a long life for the tree.

Homeowners can schedule tree trimming services annually, so they don’t have to worry about revisiting the same concern of a tree leaning or possibly have a disease with years between a professional tree service. Unfortunately, when homeowners wait for these apparent signs of disease or rot, there is little left to do to preserve the tree. Calling to schedule regular tree trimming services is the only way to ensure that a tree can have a long and fruitful life.

Property owners should schedule tree trimming services more often. Properties which have a large network of trees may carry more risk of a disease spreading quickly or some of the trees becoming deficient in nutrients. Because large properties with trees will often have a diverse collection of plant life, it is imperative for property owners to work with arborists. Professional tree technicians can create a maintenance plan for the entire property.

For example, any property owner that has Queen Palms or Mexican Palms on their property should schedule very frequent trimming services.

Tree trimming long beach ca

Always call for tree trimming services if:

  • The tree is leaning heavily.
  • The tree has any branches at risk of falling.
  • The tree has obvious signs of insect infestation.
  • The tree has signs of rot such as hollows, or lifted roots

These are only some of the signs. If you have any cause for concern about the health of any tree on your property, or are searching locally for "tree trimming near me" contact our Long Beach Tree Trimming Experts today. Property owners who know that an arborist has not evaluated the trees on their property in some time should schedule an appointment as well to ensure there are no immediate concerns.

Type Of Tree Late Winter/
Early Spring
Late Spring/
Early Summer
Late Summer/
Early Fall
Late Fall/
Early Winter
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Big Leaf Maple Image
Box Elder Image
California Fan Palm Tree Image
California Laurel Image
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Tree Service Long Beach CA

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Tree Services We Offer for Long Beach and Surrounding cities

Long Beach Tree Experts offers a wide variety of tree services including maintenance for bushes and hedges. With any of these services, a homeowner or property owner can expect a professional, and trained arborist to attend to their trees.

Branch Trimming

Tree trimming and branch trimming is about much more than pruning away branches that may pose some safety risk. This service allows arborists to shape trees in a way that will allow them to thrive.

Trimming and pruning can help a tree retain balance, maintain even weight distribution and even help the tree withstand high-winds. Because of drought in recent years, it’s common for many trees throughout Long Beach to have some level of decay in branches. Trimming is the only way to prevent decay, rot, or even disease from spreading further throughout the tree.

Tree Company Long Beach CA

Tree Clearing and Removal

Property owners and homeowners must make the call on what to do with trees that are creating an unsafe environment. Or in some cases, a homeowner simply wants the tree removed.

Tree removal or clearing is not a do-it-yourself project for any home or property owner. It’s critical that professionals remove trees to ensure the safety of everyone in the area as well as the safety of the structures. Felling trees without expert knowledge or experience can cause trees to damage homes, other property and even power lines. Similarly, a professional should be the one to clear an area of trees to ensure that the ground is safe.

Call in professionals to safely remove the unwanted or dangerous tree from your property.

emergency tree service long beach

Bush and Hedge Trimming

Bushes and hedges, when left to grow on their own, can become homes for all manner of pests. From rodents to insects, bushes and hedges can house unwanted guests that can make their way into nearby homes or even carry diseases that infect the surrounding network of trees.

Tree Company Long Beach CA

Stump Grinding and Removal

An exposed stump poses an immediate danger to anyone who is near the property, not to mention it can open the property owner up to many liability opportunities. Remove exposed stumps, while ensuring the ground is safe to walk on afterward.

Stump grinding is not necessarily the act of grinding the stump down, but instead, it's a systematic process of eliminating the stump and a significant portion of the root system while ensuring there's minimal disruption to the stability of the soil.

stump removal

Emergency Tree Services

High-winds, flash-floods, soil sifting, and more are all present conditions of Long Beach’s environment that can cause trees to fall. Additionally, leaning trees can fall or have branches fall of their own accord. Always call for immediate, emergency tree services in any situation of a fallen tree, or when a tree is at risk of falling. 

Tree Removal Service Long Beach CA

Common Trees in Long Beach That Need Servicing

Long Beach has an almost endless range of trees, but there are a few that are fairly common and require regular servicing. From trees lining the street to trees blossoming in corporate courtyards, Long Beach trees need some help to thrive. Call Long Beach Tree Experts for any of these trees that require services.

Among the most common trees in Long Beach, Queen and Mexican Palms require frequent trimming. They can even house rodents. Trimming and inspection it vital for these two types of palms to protect homes and other nearby structures.

Another common tree that requires servicing is American Sweetgum. These trees need regular pruning to maintain a crown shape that will hold its weight.

California Sycamores are often found throughout Long Beach and require little maintenance. Instead with these trees, the concern is scheduling regular inspections to ensure that these large trees can reach their full-height with optimal health for long life.

California Fan Palm trees which are very popular among homeowners are known for taking on root fungi and other diseases. Unfortunately, these trees which are susceptible to disease can also spread it to otherwise healthy trees. These trees were often planted years ago and are known to leave a substantial amount of debris as well.

Because of the many different city-driven tree planting initiatives, Long Beach now plays host to a massive range of trees, each with vastly different needs. Because of this huge variety, property owners must be careful with which arborists they hire.

Contacting a professional tree service company Long Beach should be easy and come with the assurance that the company will work safely and with the health of the tree in mind. Long Beach Tree Experts does just that by approaching every tree with an in-depth knowledge of that species unique needs. 

Call Long Beach Tree today for an assessment of the trees on your property. It’s likely that any property will have more than one species of tree, and an arborist can help explain the needs of each plant and how to best care for them.

When To Call For Tree Removal Services

Unfortunately, trees can quickly become a hazard for property and homeowners. These serious hazards can interfere with utility lines, cause damage to homes, cars, cause personal injury and even death. That means that while you may enjoy the benefits of having a tree in your yard, it might be time to get rid of it for the safety of you and your neighbors.

emergency tree service long beach
Know the Warning Signs

In any of these situations, tree removal may be the only option that will guarantee the safety of those nearby. If you notice any of these issues with a tree on your property, call a certified arborist immediately to schedule tree removal.

Cracks and Cavities

Although it's nice to imagine a big owl nestled into the hollow of a tree, it's an apparent sign of disease or rot. Cavities, cracks, and hollows in a tree, the branches or the trunk, can indicate that the tree has been sick for a very long time.

Each tree does have a network of nooks or crannies. But a crack is a definitive split, and a cavity is apparent. These may be the only warning signs that something is wrong with the tree at all. During an assessment, an arborist may ask you to consider tree removal if the internal structure of the tree can no longer support the weight of the crown.

Visible, Lifted, and Damaged Roots

A tree should have a root system that is completely underground, although there are times when you might see the occasional root grazing the top of the soil. But, a tree with poor structure will often have many roots pulled away from the ground or exposed and damaged.

If you can see any part of the root system near the base of the tree, it’s important to contact help immediately. Schedule a consultation with a professional to evaluate if your tree can continue to sustain its weight.


Another tell-tale sign that a tree is ready to fall or become a significant safety risk, leaning trees are at risk of causing severe property damage or personal injury and require removal.

It's true that most trees don't necessarily grow, "straight" but if you step back far enough to see the base and the top of the crown all at once, you should see a pretty straight tree. If it leans slightly, you may not have to call for tree removal. But if there is a distinct lean, tree removal may be the only option available.

California Trees & Tips on Care and Maintenance

California, and Long Beach especially, plays host to a massive variety of tree species. Homeowners can choose which trees to keep in their yards and should choose trees that they are comfortable maintaining. Consider these tips for caring for your trees!

1. Palm Trees

There are a few types of palm trees in California, but they all do generally require the same maintenance. Palm trees are not native to California and require regular water access. Unlike desert plants, palm trees benefit from an irrigation system that keeps moist earth close to the root system while still having a lot of drainage access.

2. Oaks

Oak trees provide nearly everything they need to survive. The downfall that many California homeowners make is the raking of the leaf litter. To help Oaks thrive in California, leave the leaf litter around the base of the tree, and water only a little more than usual during a drought.

3. Fruit Trees

Homeowners in California love their lemon, and orange trees. It’s vital that these homeowners carefully prune and tend to these trees while they’re young, and during every dormant season. Always contact a professional to prune fruit trees, call Long Beach Tree Experts for help with your trees!